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Net-condition : art and global media / edited by Peter Weibel and Timothy Druckrey. (2001)

Authors: Weibel, Peter., Druckrey, Timothy., Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Steirischer Herbst 99 (1999 : Graz, Austria), Art and Global Media (Exhibition) (1998-2000 : Barcelona, Spain, etc.), Net-condition (Exhibition) (1998-2000 : Barcelona, Spain, etc.)
Publisher:Cambridge, Mass. ; London : MIT Press,
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Also Titled:
  • Art and global media
  • net_condition
Physical Description:
  • 398 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
  • Electronic culture ; 2
  • Electronic culture ; 2
  • Initial Conditions. The Project /​ Peter Weibel. [...] J8g̃#[pipe]\;Net.Art{{u0303}[caret]s1 [...] /​ Timothy Druckrey
  • Social Conditions. The Net and the Self. Working Notes for a Critical Theory of the Informational Society /​ Manuel Castells. From a Culture-Debating to a Culture Consuming Public /​ Jurgen Habermas. Technologies To The People /​ Daniel Garcia Andujar. A Correction Structure /​ Niek van de Steeg. The Berkeley Oracle /​ Jochen Gerz. Syndicate net.Shop#2
  • Media Conditions. On Television /​ Pierre Bourdieu. Event/​Transformation/​Information: Enacting the Image /​ Timothy Druckrey. Attention in the Media Age /​ Florian Rotzer. net.art.archive /​ Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid. The Rules are no Game (MAOD) /​ Markus Huemer. The Shredder/​Digital Landfill /​ Mark Napier. Empire 24/​7 /​ Wolfgang Staehle. Netomat /​ Maciej Wisniewski
  • Community Conditions. The Artreporter /​ Dave Bruckmayr and Gaylord Aulke. Backspace. The Intruder /​ Natalie Bookchin. Graphic Jam /​ Andy Deck and Mark Napier. esc to begin. Nuzzle Afar /​ Masaki Fujihata. The Difference Engine #3 /​ Lynn Hershman. a-aktion.com /​ Timothee Ingen-Housz. Konsum Art.Server /​ Margarete Jahrmann and Max Moswitzer. Smell.Bytes /​ Jenny Marketou. Step to ... word /​ Alexandru Patatics. Starrynight /​ Rhizome. The Tables Turned /​ Paul Sermon. The Distributed Legible City /​ Jeffrey Shaw. FuckU-FuckMe /​ Alexej Shulgin
  • Ideological Conditions. The Spectralization of Europe /​ Marina Grzinic. Globalization, Media, and the War against Yugoslavia /​ Diana Johnstone. Colour Separation /​ Mongrel
  • Critical Conditions. Map and Land, Media and Reality /​ Peter Weibel. From Territories to Intervals - Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Economy of Time/​the Time /​ Siegfried Zielinski. re-mail /​ Joachim Blank and Karl-Heinz Jeron. References /​ Ricardo Iglesias. Contestational Robots /​ Institute for Applied Autonomy
  • Artistic Conditions. Net Art. On the History of Artistic Work with Telecommunications Media / Tilman Baumgartel. Ars Telematica: The Aesthetics of Intercommunication / Claudia Giannetti. Everyone a Mediator / Gerhard Johann Lischka. Radical Software / Jeffrey Shaw. Z / Antoni Abad. The Book after the Book / Giselle Beiguelman. Waxweb / David Blair. Introduction to net.art (1994-1999) / Alexej Shulgin and Natalie Bookchin / Blank & Jeron. Adversarial Collaborations / Janet Cohen, Keith Frank and Jon Ippolito. ASCII History of Art for the Blind / Vok Cosic. The World's First Collaborative Sentence / Douglas Davis. Seance Box / Ken Feingold. Impressing Velocity / Masaki Fujihata. Dislocation of Intimacy / Ken Goldberg and Bob Farzin. Distinctio Realis; Essay on Ontological Solitude No. 1 / Markus Huemer. <http:/​/​www.humbot/​org> / h/u/m/b/o/t. Barcode - III. Immersion / Darij Kreuh. Vanndemar Memex or Laura Croft. Stripped Bare by her Assassins, Even / Marc Lafia. File Transfer Protocol / Olia Lialina. The Freud-Lissitzky Navigator / Ley Monovich. The Book of Metamorphoses / Chihiro Minato. Engulf / Motohiko Odani. Telematic Manifesto / Randall Packer. Net.Art Browser / Jeffrey Shaw and Benjamin Weil. Verbarium / Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneao. Fiber Wave III / Sei Makoto Watanabe
  • http:/​/​www.humbot/​org
  • Sound Conditions. Musical Systems and the Constitution of Places on the Internet /​ Golo Follmer. Radio as Medium and Metaphor /​ Heidi Grundmann. Changing Positions or: Welcome to Transbabel! /​ 42. Truth in Clouds /​ Nicolas Collins. Musikschrank Rheingold /​ Johannes Goebel, Torsten Belschner and Bernhard Sturm. net.radio.days /​ Mikro e.V. capital magnetic /​ Mark Trayle. Xchange
  • Cinematic Conditions. Small Archaeological Experiments in the Media Age: Ivens, Marker, Farocki /​ Christa Blumlinger
  • Broadcast Conditions. The New Totality /​ Armand Mattelart
  • Surveillance Conditions. What:you:get /​ Roberto Aguirrezabala. Drive, Track 3 /​ Jordan Crandall. Web Stalker /​ I./​O./​D. The Designers Republic. DeeDee Halleck/​David Thorne
  • Subversive Conditions. How the etoy Campaign was Won. An Agent's Report /​ agent.NASDAQ aka Reinhold Grether. etoy. ASCII Art Enesmble. Remote Control /​ Shane Cooper. Woven Presents /​ Steven Greenwood. Ctrl-Space /​ Jodi. [registered trademark]ark
  • Gender Conditions. Old Boys Network. Bodies INCorporated /​ Victoria Vesna
  • Urban Conditions. Martine Aballea. IOd̲encies /​ Knowbotic Research. The net.Institute as Urban Interface /​ Luther Blissett /​ Aleph Group. Islands of Non-Locality /​ Peter Weibel. Ghost City /​ Jody Zellen. Tomato
  • Economic Conditions. Considering the World Economy /​ Immanuel Wallerstein. Cooking-pot Markets: an Economic Model for 'Free' Resources on the Internet /​ Rishab Aiyer Ghosh. Militant Particularism: Beta Testing a New Society /​ Vincent Mosco. Transnational Telecommunications and the Global Reorganization of Production /​ Dan Schiller. Michael Rock &​ Susan Sellers 2x4. Jonathan Barnbrook. Redundant Technology Initiative
  • Power Conditions. The Global Erosion of the Public Sphere /​ Edward S. Herman. Global Media and Democracy /​ Robert W. McChesney. Cult of the New Eve /​ Critical Art Ensemble
  • Working Conditions. Working Conditions /​ Walter van der Crujisen. net{u0063}ondition the Website /​ Tom Furstner.
  • More...
  • More...
  • "A publication by MIT Press, Steirischer Herbst, Graz, and ZKM/​Center for Art and Global Media Karlsruhe of the exhibitions 'art and global media' and 'net-condition' ... curated by Peter Weibel" - colophon.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • English
  • 026273138X (pbk.) :
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  • 700/​.1/​03
  • 700.285
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  • 22657178
  • 22657178
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