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Data smog : surviving the information glut / David Shenk. (1997)

Authors: Shenk, David, 1966-
Publisher:San Francisco, Calif. : Harper Edge,
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  • Shenk, David, 1966-
  • 1st ed.
Physical Description:
  • 250 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • We are awash in information: faxes, e-mail, news, infotainment, and advertising overwhelm us even as CEOs and politicians herald the dawn of a glorious and profitable Information Age. Media scholar and cyber-pundit David Shank deftly dismantles all the hype and exposes the unsettling impact of information overload, or data smog, on our individual well-being (emotional and physical) and on our society at large. This myth-shattering manifesto also outlines a welter of practical strategies for minimizing data smog's polluting effects - from curtailing junkmail and telephone sales pitches to instituting all-out "data fasts."
  • The Laws of Data Smog
  • Pt. 1. Signal to Noise
  • Pt. 2. Virtual Anarchy
  • Pt. 3. A New Order
  • Pt. 4. A Return to Meaning
  • App. How to get off Junk Mail/​Phone lists.
  • More...
  • More...
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 219-242) and index.
  • English
  • 0060187018
  • 0062515519 (pbk.)
Dewey Number:
  • 303.48/​33
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  • 12951443
  • 12951443
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