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Culture and creative learning : a literature review. (2009)

Authors: Jones, Ken.
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  • 1v.
  • (Creativity, culture and education series)
  • (Creativity, culture and education series)
  • This report offers an historical and theoretical overview of the idea of culture as it has permeated policy-making, public debate, practices in schools and in more academic writing by scholars and cultural commentators. The author explains that the idea of culture in education is not a simple one; it encompasses a range of beliefs about heritage, modernity, the role of schools in mediating national and formal cultures and the cultural experiences of the young themselves. The review examines changes in the political landscape and shows how deep changes in English society since the Second World War have re-fashioned notions of public, elite and popular cultures in contested and complex ways.
  • 90 p.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • Contents: 1. Introduction -- 2. 1945 -1965: Conservatism -- 3. 1945 -1965: Progressive education -- 4. 1945 -1965: Culture is ordinary -- 5. Culture in educational practice: the 60s to the 80s -- 6. \U+2018\Cultural studies' and its impact -- 7. The great transformation -- 8. Conservatism's second wind -- 9. Cultural studies in the new order -- 10. Creativity and economic change -- 11. From individual to social -- 12. Culture and policy -- 13. Some conclusions.
  • In English.
  • English
  • 9781907264009
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