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Cyberspace/cyberbodies/cyberpunk : cultures of technological embodiment / edited by Mike Featherstone and Roger Burrows. (1995)

Authors: Featherstone, Mike., Burrows, Roger, 1962-
Publisher:London : Sage Publications,
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Also Titled:
  • Body &​ society.
Physical Description:
  • 280 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Theory, culture &​ society
  • Theory, culture &​ society
  • Theory, culture &​ society (Unnumbered)
  • Theory, culture &​ society (Unnumbered)
  • How can we interpret cyberspace? What is the place of the embodied human agent in the virtual world? The realm of electronic mediation offers rich material for fiction and fantasy, but equally poses fundamental issues for understanding contemporary social and cultural change. This innovative collection examines the emerging arena of cyberspace and the challenges it presents for the social and cultural forms of the human body. It shows how changing relations between body and technology offer new arenas for cultural representation. At the same time, contributors examine the realities of virtual worlds. Among the topics examined are technological body modifications, replacements and prosthetics; bodies in cyberspace, virtual environments and cyborg culture; cultural representations of technological embodiment in visual and literary productions; and cyberpunk science fiction as a pre-figurative social and cultural theory. Drawing on the work of cultural analysts, feminists, sociologists and philosophers, the book is at the forefront of attempts to come to terms with the potentials and realities of cyberculture and its implications for the contemporary condition of human embodiment.
  • Machine derived contents note: Mike Featherstone and Cultures of Technological Embodiment:
  • Roger Burrows An Introduction 1
  • David Tomas Feedback and Cybernetics: Reimaging the
  • Body in the Age of Cybernetics 21
  • Sadie Plant The Future Looms: Weaving.Women and
  • Cybernetics 45
  • Michael Heim The Design of Virtual Reality 65
  • Mark Poster Postmodern Virtualities 79
  • Deborah Lupton The Embodied Computer/​User 97
  • Nigel Clark Rear-View Mirrorshades: The Recursive
  • Generation of the Cyberbody 113
  • Kevin Robins Cyberspace and the World We Live In 135
  • Samantha Holland Descartes Goes to Hollywood: Mind,
  • Body and Gender in Contemporary
  • Cyborg Cinema 157
  • Alison Landsberg Prosthetic Memory: TotalRecall and
  • Blade Runner 175
  • Nick Land Meat (or How to Kill Oedipus in
  • Cyberspace) 191
  • Vivian Sobchack Beating the Meat/​Surviving the Text, or
  • How to Get Out of This Century Alive 205
  • Anne Balsamo Forms of Technological Embodiment:
  • Reading the Body in Contemporary
  • Culture 215
  • Robert Rawdon Wilson Cyber(body)parts: Prosthetic
  • Consciousness 239
  • Kevin McCarron Corpses, Animals, Machines and
  • Mannequins: The Body and Cyberpunk 261
  • Index 275.
  • More...
  • More...
  • Simultaneously published as volume 1 : issue 3/​4 of Body &​ Society.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • English
  • 0761950842 (cased)
  • 0761950850 (pbk) :
Dewey Number:
  • 306.46
  • 303.4833
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  • 12274030
  • 12274030
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